Why Choose Shaw Laminate Flooring

For those looking for a quality laminate flooring, they should consider Shaw Laminate Flooring. This company is considered a green company. That uses 95% of its materials harvested from other sources. In addition, the flooring comes with an outstanding warranty, of either fifteen, twenty or twenty-five years, depending upon which option the customer chooses.

Shaw laminate flooring has many options for a customer to choose from. This include ten types of cherry finish, six types of hickory finish, four types of maple finish, three types of oak floors, 63 types of exotic woods or other finishes not able to be categorized, six pine finishes, fifty oak finishes, and six stone type of finishes. These finishes are available in dark, light and medium shades depending upon which catches the customers eye. The options that Shaw laminate flooring has is impressive, as many other laminate flooring makers have only a few choices to choose from.

The price range of Shaw laminate flooring is as low as two dollars per square foot up to six dollars per square foot. There is something that is priced to meet every budget. The installation of Shaw laminate flooring is a huge selling point for most people. The installation process is very simple and does not include the use of glue. The board simply snap together and then are laid on the floor. This makes installation a breeze and most people are able to do this themselves in a day or so depending upon the size of the room.

Shaw laminate flooring offers potential customers free samples so that they can see the durability as well as see if their choice will work right with their room. This is a huge benefit of using Shaw laminate flooring, as most companies do not offer free samples. It is clear to see that Shaw laminate flooring is one of the top competitors in the laminate and wood floor business and there are more than one reason to choose their flooring over someone else’s.