Tips to Maintain Your Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is very popular amongst jewelry lovers. It is purchased frequently and it is less expensive than gold. It gives you the look of white gold without the hefty price. It also gives you an array of looks that you can mix and match with many fashion styles and create new and trendy looks, even a signature look.

Good silver jewelry should be stamped on the inside with a 925 to let you know that you are buying quality jewelry. Sometimes, unscrupulous people will sell silver jewelry that is blended with other metals and has little silver in it. This jewelry will rust and tarnish badly with use. Silver jewelry becomes darker with use and when exposed to air, but this is normal and all it takes is jewelry cleaner – liquid, cream, or cloth – to make it sparkle again.

Humid weather or even if you are closer to the beach, can make silver jewelry darken faster. You can polish it to maintain its look and keep the oxidation process from continue to darken it. It is advisable that after you remove your silver jewelry you clean it with a jewelry cloth, and store it in a box where it is less exposed to air. That way it will still shine when you are going to wear it the next time. You can find jewelry cleaners and cloths at the supermarket, pharmacy, department stores, and jewelry stores.

To keep your silver jewelry looking its best use cloths and cleaners that are made for 925 silver, to avoid damaging the piece. Store each piece separate to avoid damaging, denting or scratching it. Silver is only about a 4.5 in the Mohs scale, which makes it less hard.

If you do not have jewelry cleaner at hand, you can use toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean it, but make sure that you clean it gently, and dry it well before storing it.

Other homemade cleaners for silver jewelry are potato water, or placing the jewelry in a bowl of water with aluminum foil, baking soda, and soap. The chemical reaction will clean the silver and debris.

Avoid storing silver next to wood or in wooden boxes. The acidity of the wood is not good for the silver.

If you follow these simple tips, your silver jewelry will last you long and give you many years of enjoyment.