Common Sense Tips to Prolong Ink Cartridge Life

When people are purchasing ink cartridges, they often wonder if there is some way in which they can save ink and not have to purchase these ink cartridges so much. There are many ways in which the person can save ink, and most are using common sense. For one, only print what you absolutely need. Ink cartridges are not inexpensive by any means, which means that the person should be doing everything that they can to ensure that they are not simply wasting the ink.


For those times in which the page needs to be printed in a certain way, instead of wasting ink to print a test page and then adjust the text, use the print preview option on the computer to see what you can do to make it perfect and print only once. Most times, people simply print the page and then adjust, however, this is wasting ink and basically throwing money down the drain.


One of the best ways in which people can save ink is to not print those graphics that are not necessary to have as a hard copy. Graphics are the number one reason why ink cartridges run out faster than what the person expects. The reason is that each graphic that is printed uses almost double the amount of what simple text uses. In fact, when people print a huge graphic, they may find that the ink cartridge runs out immediately, depending on the amount of pages that the Canon ink cartridge is supposed to get.


Common sense will help a lot when looking for ways in which to prolong the life of the ink cartridges in printers and when refilling ink cartridges. By following these three tips, people should be able to get much more life from their remanufactured ink cartridge.