Getting Rid of the Smell

Do you know what I learned recently? Latex gloves do nothing to cover the smell of cigarettes. In my line of work smoking is not acceptable, but it’s a habit I can’t seem to break and even though I’m an excellent oral surgeon, my patients are beginning to notice. One of my assistants used to be a smoker—I know because I’d see her spraying body spray in a 2-foot radius around herself and shoving as many mints into her mouth as possible as she came back from her break. It didn’t matter; we could all still smell it. It didn’t occur to me, however that I probably smelled worse than I thought I did too. Anyways, I suddenly realized that the smoke smell no longer surrounded her and decided to ask what her secret was. I had assumed it was some magic spray or something along those lines, I was shocked when she told me she had started smoking the best electronic cigarettes. I found out more about the brand I use at White Cloud Review :: Read My Full Breakdown + Real E-Cig User Ratings. Apparently electronic cigarettes (or e-cig, as she called it) were the new rage when it came to quitting. She told me all about how she was tired of the comments the other assistants made about how she smelled and decided to do something about it. She gave me some websites to look up electric cigarette reviews and even told me where to look for e-cig coupons. She recommended a company called The Safe Cig and then told me that patients were complaining about the way I smelled. How nice. So I read the The Safe Cig Reviews right away. Apparently it didn’t matter how great of a surgeon I was—nobody wanted to be worked on by someone who smelled like an ashtray. I found a million electronic cigarette reviews in addition to what my assistant had given me. I looked up Eluma Reviews and also came across a company that sold V2 cigs in starter kits. I decided I really had nothing to lose and ordered my first e-cig. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the Green Smoke electronic cigarettes and V2 cigs were nothing short of amazing. I quit the regular cigarettes in about a week and am smoking solely e-cigs now. I’m healthier, my patients are happier, and I can focus on surgeries rather than worrying about how bad I smell. I was also ecstatic when I found out that electronic cigarettes really aren’t even bad for your health. They offer the nicotine to feed your craving, but are much healthier than regular cigarettes because they don’t have all of the carcinogens and toxic products. They are also environmentally friendly since they only release an odorless vapor instead of smoke. They can literally be smoked anywhere and no one would even notice unless they saw the vapor. Electronic cigarettes, in my opinion, are the only way to go if you are looking to quit smoking. I tried those little patches and tasteless gum and got nowhere. Plus with all the e-cig coupons floating around the internet you can save money too. Realistically though, even without e-cig coupons you are saving so much money by not buying a pack of cigarettes every day. It definitely worked for me and I even mention them to my patients that smoke. With all the benefits they have to offer you and everyone around you, there really is no better option.