Getting Rid of the Smell

Do you know what I learned recently? Latex gloves do nothing to cover the smell of cigarettes. In my line of work smoking is not acceptable, but it’s a habit I can’t seem to break and even though I’m an excellent oral surgeon, my patients are beginning to notice. One of my assistants used to be a smoker—I know because I’d see her spraying body spray in a 2-foot radius around herself and shoving as many mints into her mouth as possible as she came back from her break. It didn’t matter; we could all still smell it. It didn’t occur to me, however that I probably smelled worse than I thought I did too. Anyways, I suddenly realized that the smoke smell no longer surrounded her and decided to ask what her secret was. I had assumed it was some magic spray or something along those lines, I was shocked when she told me she had started smoking the best electronic cigarettes. I found out more about the brand I use at White Cloud Review :: Read My Full Breakdown + Real E-Cig User Ratings. Apparently electronic cigarettes (or e-cig, as she called it) were the new rage when it came to quitting. She told me all about how she was tired of the comments the other assistants made about how she smelled and decided to do something about it. She gave me some websites to look up electric cigarette reviews and even told me where to look for e-cig coupons. She recommended a company called The Safe Cig and then told me that patients were complaining about the way I smelled. How nice. So I read the The Safe Cig Reviews right away. Apparently it didn’t matter how great of a surgeon I was—nobody wanted to be worked on by someone who smelled like an ashtray. I found a million electronic cigarette reviews in addition to what my assistant had given me. I looked up Eluma Reviews and also came across a company that sold V2 cigs in starter kits. I decided I really had nothing to lose and ordered my first e-cig. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the Green Smoke electronic cigarettes and V2 cigs were nothing short of amazing. I quit the regular cigarettes in about a week and am smoking solely e-cigs now. I’m healthier, my patients are happier, and I can focus on surgeries rather than worrying about how bad I smell. I was also ecstatic when I found out that electronic cigarettes really aren’t even bad for your health. They offer the nicotine to feed your craving, but are much healthier than regular cigarettes because they don’t have all of the carcinogens and toxic products. They are also environmentally friendly since they only release an odorless vapor instead of smoke. They can literally be smoked anywhere and no one would even notice unless they saw the vapor. Electronic cigarettes, in my opinion, are the only way to go if you are looking to quit smoking. I tried those little patches and tasteless gum and got nowhere. Plus with all the e-cig coupons floating around the internet you can save money too. Realistically though, even without e-cig coupons you are saving so much money by not buying a pack of cigarettes every day. It definitely worked for me and I even mention them to my patients that smoke. With all the benefits they have to offer you and everyone around you, there really is no better option.

How to Select the Perfect K2 Incense

Selecting the perfect incense is not as easy as you might think. When you walk into the store or you shop online you may notice a few different fragrances that catch your eye, or rather your nose. Choose the perfect K2 incense can be done once you gain knowledge of the selection you have to choose from. Herbs and incense has been used around the world for thousands of years and continues to still please the mind and body. It is just met with great skepticism today.

Using incense is easy to do but where should you place the incense? The scent that is created is different for every room. For example, you always want a calming or relaxing incense for the bedroom. For the bathroom you want a neutralizing aroma. For the kitchen, you want something that will overpower the garlic smell. There are different aromas for every room and if you move the same scent in another room you may find that it smells different than it does when you have it placed in a different room.

Stick incense is the most popular and you can usually find the rock to set it on fairly easy. The main objective to the stick incense is to place it in the holder and light it up; allowing the aroma to come out of the incense and float away. It takes only a few minutes to begin smelling good and creating a feel that only incense can give you.

There are many different companies that produce different scents to choose from. Choosing incense is a personal decision. While some like one smell others may like another. You can purchase a stick that smells like wild berry or you can purchase a stick that smells like chamomile. The more you light them the more you get use to them.

In order to burn your incense, you simply find an open area away from anything that may hang close. Clean the table that you plan on placing the incense on. Turn down the light and light the incense and step away for a few minutes. When you come back the smell will probably be rising up and wrapping around you for comfort.

Incense is not to play with. K2 incense is a warm and welcoming scent that envelops around your nose and cradles it for hours as the smell drifts about on items. If you have never bought incense before you need to try one or two at a time before deciding which one you like the best.

There are many occasions that you can use K2 incense From Here; bridal shower, entertaining, dinner, while cleaning, reading a book, after a stressful day, to kill odors in the home, while taking a hot bath, while lying in bed. The possibilities are endless. If your child is constantly upset and yelling, try lighting a good incense to fill the air and calm the child down. Between the calming fragrance and your arms, the incense will work every time.

Common Sense Tips to Prolong Ink Cartridge Life

When people are purchasing ink cartridges, they often wonder if there is some way in which they can save ink and not have to purchase these ink cartridges so much. There are many ways in which the person can save ink, and most are using common sense. For one, only print what you absolutely need. Ink cartridges are not inexpensive by any means, which means that the person should be doing everything that they can to ensure that they are not simply wasting the ink.


For those times in which the page needs to be printed in a certain way, instead of wasting ink to print a test page and then adjust the text, use the print preview option on the computer to see what you can do to make it perfect and print only once. Most times, people simply print the page and then adjust, however, this is wasting ink and basically throwing money down the drain.


One of the best ways in which people can save ink is to not print those graphics that are not necessary to have as a hard copy. Graphics are the number one reason why ink cartridges run out faster than what the person expects. The reason is that each graphic that is printed uses almost double the amount of what simple text uses. In fact, when people print a huge graphic, they may find that the ink cartridge runs out immediately, depending on the amount of pages that the Canon ink cartridge is supposed to get.


Common sense will help a lot when looking for ways in which to prolong the life of the ink cartridges in printers and when refilling ink cartridges. By following these three tips, people should be able to get much more life from their remanufactured ink cartridge.

Why Choose Shaw Laminate Flooring

For those looking for a quality laminate flooring, they should consider Shaw Laminate Flooring. This company is considered a green company. That uses 95% of its materials harvested from other sources. In addition, the flooring comes with an outstanding warranty, of either fifteen, twenty or twenty-five years, depending upon which option the customer chooses.

Shaw laminate flooring has many options for a customer to choose from. This include ten types of cherry finish, six types of hickory finish, four types of maple finish, three types of oak floors, 63 types of exotic woods or other finishes not able to be categorized, six pine finishes, fifty oak finishes, and six stone type of finishes. These finishes are available in dark, light and medium shades depending upon which catches the customers eye. The options that Shaw laminate flooring has is impressive, as many other laminate flooring makers have only a few choices to choose from.

The price range of Shaw laminate flooring is as low as two dollars per square foot up to six dollars per square foot. There is something that is priced to meet every budget. The installation of Shaw laminate flooring is a huge selling point for most people. The installation process is very simple and does not include the use of glue. The board simply snap together and then are laid on the floor. This makes installation a breeze and most people are able to do this themselves in a day or so depending upon the size of the room.

Shaw laminate flooring offers potential customers free samples so that they can see the durability as well as see if their choice will work right with their room. This is a huge benefit of using Shaw laminate flooring, as most companies do not offer free samples. It is clear to see that Shaw laminate flooring is one of the top competitors in the laminate and wood floor business and there are more than one reason to choose their flooring over someone else’s.

Why Pay When You Can Have Fun For Free?

One of the main features designed to attract players to new bingo sites is free bingo no deposit required. It is human nature to “try before buying” and bingo no deposit is the perfect way to check out any bingo site before depositing any amount of hard earned cash.

There are two types of free online bingo play; no deposit and free. On the surface these two types sound alike, but they are not actually the same. Many bingo sites offer totally free games that do not require site sign-up. These games serve two purposes; as entertainment for those who do not wish to play with real cash and as a training tool for those who wish to sharpen their playing skills. No deposit games such as those offered on Gossip Bingo (£5 for simply signing up) necessitate registering to play on the site.

Seasoned online players have learned to search for the best deposit bonuses to make the most of the money they deposit. Some of the best first time deposit bonuses are at Gossip Bingo (250% up to £100), PoshBingo (200% up to £200) and Foxybingo (200% up to £150). One new site is causing a stir with a 350% first deposit bonus; however this bonus only applies to the first £35 deposited. Doing the math we see that Posh and Foxy’s 200% first deposit bonus with a high “up to” amount translates to being a very good first time bonus.

Free bingo games generally offer smaller prizes than pay-to-play games. In the past free bingo featured non-cash rewards such as iPods, vacation packages and the like. Recently however, free bingo games have begun to offer cash jackpots for winners on sites like Pink Ribbon bingo. Competition is very strong among bingo websites as each site attempts to draw players to their site. Commonly the amount of the jackpots won in free bingo games is significantly less than those offered in deposit games.

Bingo online is a huge business currently enjoying tremendous popularity. Savvy players can play for free and still have a chance at winning real cash without investing a cent.

Tips to Maintain Your Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is very popular amongst jewelry lovers. It is purchased frequently and it is less expensive than gold. It gives you the look of white gold without the hefty price. It also gives you an array of looks that you can mix and match with many fashion styles and create new and trendy looks, even a signature look.

Good silver jewelry should be stamped on the inside with a 925 to let you know that you are buying quality jewelry. Sometimes, unscrupulous people will sell silver jewelry that is blended with other metals and has little silver in it. This jewelry will rust and tarnish badly with use. Silver jewelry becomes darker with use and when exposed to air, but this is normal and all it takes is jewelry cleaner – liquid, cream, or cloth – to make it sparkle again.

Humid weather or even if you are closer to the beach, can make silver jewelry darken faster. You can polish it to maintain its look and keep the oxidation process from continue to darken it. It is advisable that after you remove your silver jewelry you clean it with a jewelry cloth, and store it in a box where it is less exposed to air. That way it will still shine when you are going to wear it the next time. You can find jewelry cleaners and cloths at the supermarket, pharmacy, department stores, and jewelry stores.

To keep your silver jewelry looking its best use cloths and cleaners that are made for 925 silver, to avoid damaging the piece. Store each piece separate to avoid damaging, denting or scratching it. Silver is only about a 4.5 in the Mohs scale, which makes it less hard.

If you do not have jewelry cleaner at hand, you can use toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean it, but make sure that you clean it gently, and dry it well before storing it.

Other homemade cleaners for silver jewelry are potato water, or placing the jewelry in a bowl of water with aluminum foil, baking soda, and soap. The chemical reaction will clean the silver and debris.

Avoid storing silver next to wood or in wooden boxes. The acidity of the wood is not good for the silver.

If you follow these simple tips, your silver jewelry will last you long and give you many years of enjoyment.

France and their Fish

The popular tourist attractions in France are those lakes that offer carp fishing. There are many private lake owners, who offer packages for carp fishing in France. Many of these lakes were originally used for irrigational purpose. Later, when the soils lost fertility, these were dug up and transformed into the lakes by these private owners.

The packages offered for carp fishing with all the facilities include each and every thing that the guests may ask for. Most of the lakes have lodging facility that has rooms, which face the lakes, so that the guests can enjoy being close to the fresh water all the time. Along with the best rooms, snacks and drinks are provided to the guests round the clock. The rooms are very clean with toilets attached in the rooms and with hot and cold shower. There is also a steward, whom the guest can ask for any details or help whenever they want. For the amusement of the guests, there are some rooms that have televisions with all the channels.

Along with the facilities in the room, the guests can also get equipments that they need for carp fishing like the fishing rods, carp mats, fox landing net and cradle. There are bait runners also for the guests. There are varieties of baits that the guests can choose from. One can hire the baits on daily basis or even for a whole week. These are provided at the place of the lodging, so that the guests do not face any problem and can enjoy the carp fishing holidays thoroughly.

The private lake owners, who offer carp fishing packages also arrange for pick up and drop back from and at the airport. The charges for this are inclusive. The package also includes the meals and the breakfasts at the lodge itself. In some of the packages, the guests are provided with hot tea or coffee free of charge all through the day.

These carp fishing holidays can prove to be the experience of a life time. The only thing is that you will have to abide by the rules and regulations of the place you choose to be at. So, if you are all set to go for a carp fishing holiday, log on to the internet and book yourself on the site, which you find the most suitable for your holiday needs, by filing up the form that would be asked for.